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Ferry Times

Mudeford Ferry Times

We operate everyday in British Summer Time, which is from Late March to late October.
We also operate Winter Weekends weather permitting.
When the flag is flying – we are running.
If conditions are in doubt or to check ferry times please call 07968 334441
“School Holidays” dates are as per Highcliffe school.

If you would like the calendar in a new window, it gives access to all functions, please click Buy Valium Edinburgh

For the old style one page calendar please click Buy Diazepam Online Nz

Our definition of *weather permitting* is if there is a favourable forecast, no persistent rain, the sun is due to shine and the wind strength is moderate and wind chill temperate above zero.

Ferry times are approximate only.
Please check the “actual” ferry times on the signs on Mudeford Quay and on the Sandbank pontoon.

On rare occasions Ferry times may change without notice.

Times may be adjusted after the ferry starts in inclement weather.

If conditions deteriorate we may stop running. In extreme weather conditions we will endeavour to run ONE BOAT ONLY at the scheduled start time and then cease operating.

If conditions are doubtful or you require an early or late ferry, phone direct on 07968 334441