Beach Hut Owners

Information for Mudeford Sandbank Beach Hut Owners

FREE travel for your Cats, Dogs and Parrots.

Your supplies of Food and Beverage, and other items, can be carried Free of charge provided you travel on the same ferry crossing as your items.

During quite times, small quantities of building materials can be carried at no cost to you.

If you require to transport large quantities of building materials or other bulky items please telephone ahead of time so as special arrangements can be made.

During the working hours of the Mudeford Ferry we are usually available on our mobile telephone number 07968 334441. Please feel free to telephone us at any time. Outside these hours there is a recorded message of the Mudeford Ferry’s planned operating times for the current month.

During the winter months we intend to operate during Saturdays and Sundays if there is a favourable forecast, the sun is shining and the wind strength is reasonable. We will generally make this decision by 1000 on the day in question, so please feel free to call us before you set off from home.

It is a condition of our passenger certificate that no hazardous goods are carried onboard under any circumstances when passengers are being transported. Amongst other items hazardous goods are described as petrol, gas canisters etc. The skippers have been instructed to comply with this regulation. However, by prior arrangement, we can transport hazardous goods, with no passengers, onboard prior to the first boat of the day.

The carriage of car type batteries has been classed as Hazardous by the MCA and we need to take the following precautions. As Hazardous goods we can still carry your car type batteries, however they need to be carried in a plastic stowage type boxes with lid (or similar). This is to stop spillage should the battery tip over and stop anything metal dropping on the terminals. This will also apply to old batteries being taken off the beach.

If you need clarification please call 07968 33 44 41 or ask a Skipper.