Car Parking at Mudeford Quay, BH23 4AB

There is a Pay and Display Car Park at Mudeford Quay BH23 4AB, operated by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council . The charges are reviewed every year and you can buy a ticket for various lengths of stay. (1, 2, 3, 4, 8 or 24 hours) You can buy a weekly ticket in advance and also a season pass. The Car Park holds about 400 cars.

For all the details on the car park please visit the BCP car parking page.

From the Mudeford Quay Car Park you walk towards the Fish Shop, nearby the fishing pots. When the ferry is operating the Ferry Flag is Flying.

“RingGo” is also operated at Mudeford Quay Car Park (like others in the Borough). The “RingGo” code for Mudeford Quay is 1891 on telephone number 01202 232000.

If this Car Park is full, on leaving Mudeford Quay there is a sign directing you to the next Car Park which is Avon Beach.

Avon Beach Car Park BH23 4AN is a small Car Park (about 90 cars) about ¼ mile from Mudeford Quay. This Car Park can fill up quickly. This Car Park is locked at night. From Avon Beach Car Park to Mudeford Quay is a 10 minute walk along a pedestrian promenade.

A good alternative is the Car Park at Avon Run Road BH23 4DU. (about 230 Cars) It is known locally as the “Sunken Car Park”. It is actually just behind Avon Beach Car Park, separated by a high bank. This Car Park is locked at night. A 2 metre high restriction barrier is in place at this Car Park.

As this Car Park is behind Avon Beach shops, it is only about a 15 minute walk to the Mudeford Ferry embarkation steps via a pedestrian promenade. Please be aware the barrier is locked at dusk in winter.

From October to April you can park FREE on some of the local roads that have one yellow line.

If conditions are doubtful or you require an early or late ferry, phone direct on 07968 334441